I don't want my parents to know I am depressed... (I'm 17)

by Henry

Is it possible not to go to a doctor because my older brother had been depressed for a whole school year and did not go to school. I'm sure they'd get me to go but it'll be hard for them. If it's not really possible, I'll do the best with what I can from here =]

Thank you for taking your time to help people like me and who are in worst situation... I was actually looking for a place to do community-service for school (in my school, we have a system where students must do community-service for 40 hours at non-profit organization to graduate high school), I called a suicide hotline like in 9th grade (I'm 11th right now), but they said they couldn't have someone under 18 to help out.... I was thinking that since I'm in this situation, I'd like to learn from people like you - like how they counsel people calling in and stuff... I used to have friends that come to me for help but I haven't been much help... now I really understand how they feel.

Sorry for this long post....


Hi Henry,

Thanks for sharing. Thanks for your willingness to help others too.

I'm sorry to hear that you don't feel comfortable to share with your parents that you are depressed. If your brother is depressed and you came out to share this, would you feel like you've disappointed your parents? I'm assuming that your parents maybe didn't react too well to learn about your brother. That is sad, if it's true.

One idea... speak with your school guidance counselor or visit www.samaritans.org which I believe is still a free volunteer run service where you can talk to someone. I think you can one day volunteer for them too. Check it out!

Don't give up. Perhaps you can support your brother and find relieve also.

Enjoy our research. I hope it is what you need!
Feel free to ask us any further questions.

-Merri Ellen

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May 29, 2015
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Jan 17, 2009
Wrong page... x]
by: Henry

Sorry, I should have replied back on this page, - https://www.cure-your-depression.com/i-dont-like-myself-x-.html - instead on this one.. hahahahha....

Woops x]

Jan 17, 2009
Thanks =]
by: Henry

Thank you..

our friendship has already been in a hole even before this incident but I apologized for the one that happened last year... He said don't worry about it. I feel like my only fault is for not being a good friend to him for a while... I guess it's time I apologized for that too.

Thanks Mrs.Ellen.. I guess I have the courage now to apologize for things I should be apologiznig. x]

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