I want to find a way out of this hell

by Emma

Im 27 years old just gone and I was all full of happiness but 5 months ago depression and anxiety hit me I was thinking about death and 100 years down the line and then I started thinking about losing my family and that now it like im living in my own head and cant get out of it and not living in reality I am getting therapy but on the waiting list for psychologist I just hope I can get out of it does anyone out there gi through the same thing as me and could you let me know that can you get better thank you so much

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Jan 20, 2017
A suggestion to you
by: Joe

It ia a terrible illness to deal with and having both the depression and anxiety at once is a double whammy! I am going thorugh both of them and have been dealing with it for well over 15 years. It may come down to you just needina good counselor but perhaps you may require medication whic is of course available to trea (not cure) bothof thesevery tiresome troubles. I suggest you contact bot a Psychiatrist for medication and a counselor for cognitive therapy and may God heal you my friend~

Jan 19, 2017
know the feeling
by: Anonymous

I know exactly how you feel. It's a terrifying thing to deal with on your own. It used to happen to me during school and it was like i had forgotten how to feel happy.
After a while it started to get slightly better and I also found that surrounding myself with friends and people I could trust really helped. Telling someone you know how you feel helps as well. Just getting it off your chest is a big relief.
I know it's extremely difficult but it will get better even as clichéd as it sounds

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