I'm grateful I realised my mistakes.

by Jennifer
(London )

When I was younger I got bullied a lot I got physically and emotionally hurt and this happened until my mum left when I was only bout 5 cause I just never dealt with the fact and I got a home tutor, I was dealing with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder, by the time I was 15 I had gone of the rails as some would put it, I had sex, drank, smoked taken drugs due to the bad influences I had as friends that u had when looking for help, my dad was an alcoholic and had been that way since my mum left, I lived with my boyfriend who was 18 at the time since I couldn't live in a place where no one cared. By the time I was 18 I experimented with a lot of drugs and was alone since my boyfriend had gotten help for his addictions but I was too out of it to realise, my depression and anxiety got worse the longer I was left alone and I tried desperately for the pain to go away but it didn't the only person I had was my boyfriend, he turned his life around, why couldn't I? So I admitted myself in a 3 month rehab visit to help me get over my alcohol and drug abuse, it was really hard being pushed and pressured but thinking on now I'm grateful cause if it wasn't for me not realising this I was killing myself, putting myself in a coffin, now 23 and my boyfriend being 26 we have been clean ever since our separate visits to the rehabilitation centre, and couldn't be happier we sorted out lives out before it was too late, unfortunately not so many are as lucky to have realised it, I'm just so grateful we did.

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