by Ivana
(Bosnia and Hercegovina)

1. People I meet the most every week are ostly positive, that is why seeing somebody like that when I feel down arises questions like:Why I can't be full of energy like she is, why I can't be a fighter in life...

2.I finally want to find a real love in my life, I want to belong to someone and to share life and everything it puts in front of us together with that person, I want us to enjoy building our home, looking forward to our children.

3.That I have to learn how to fight,to resist, to go through life with my head high, to rely and really trust that God is there for me and for all of us.

4. Dishonesty, selfishness, cruelty, hypocracy, evil, self-centred people, people blind to our effort and hard work.

5. Losses, sickness, a child that is unhappy in life, good but helpless people and when i think of me that's the fact that I still haven't met my soulmate and I've been waiting for so long that know I feel like I+'ve been coping with all the burden on my own and now I became literally exhausted

6.My friends' children, thankfulness of the students I work with and the fondness they feel to me, my parents being proud of me, my best friend Gordana who has been my crying shoulder through all these years and my companion in every happy moment being always truly happy or sad for me and vice versa.

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