Lazer Acupuncture TEM

Hello everyone,
having the opportunity to translate evidence for a new medical technique derived from acupuncture, I am offering this testimony of a women whose depression problem was cured:

"For about 2 years, insidiously, I lost energy, vitality and the joy that I would explain by the approach of middle age. Then a feeling on not caring about life much more pronounced took place until I lost my happiness and the pleasures of life, lack of libido, impotence and sadness with which I was trying to coexist.
This worried me to the point of doing all sorts of blood tests and other imaginable ultrasound scanner, and colposcopy to understand what was happening to me because I did not know what to call the state I was in.
In July 2008, since the results of these reviews were all excellent, but my condition was not improving, I decided to go to an acupuncturist and make an appointment with Dr. P., who, after having made me answer questions on a the Test "TEM" he designed, enlightened me on the fact that I am having a nervous breakdown. Curiously I find that I had hitherto not dared to call my state that despite the symptoms, nor indeed the various doctors I consulted.
After a few consultations laser acupuncture, my condition has greatly improved and "the light is finally back. "
The joy of living, laughing, moving, envy, desire, vitality, have reappeared in my life, happiness has gradually taken over a meaning in my life.
I found myself ..... What a joy to reconnect to yourself!"

By translating these certificates on the healing of various diseases and suffering and its outstanding results, I am convinced that this new technique is effective and I thought it would be helpful if I shared it with all of you .
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