“Does Light SAD Therapy work for depression?”

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Thanks to Light SAD Therapy research, we know of one more safe, inexpensive, rapid and effective treatment for depression – perhaps even your depression!

If you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (winter blues) or even non-seasonal depression, this is some good news for you.

Dr. Richard T Loving and his colleagues ran a study with 81 volunteers, between 60 and 79 years old. At the end of the light SAD therapy study, they improved 16% just after 4 weeks. Some of his patients were using anti depressants and some were on a placebo. Both groups improved at the same pace; no group improved better over the other. (This shows that the light therapy worked and not necessarily did any of the antidepressants!)

“Is Light Therapy finally catching on?”

It is exciting to see that light therapy has become accepted in the Clinical Practice Guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. And it is spreading around the world into clinical practice. You owe it to yourself to ask your doctor about light Seasonal Affective Disorder therapy.

“The evidence is in that light is an active neurobiological agent. Light therapy is easy to administer in outpatient settings, lacks major side effects, and, importantly, is cost-effective.” - Archives of General Psychiatry, October 1998

There you go; light therapy is easy to use, has no major side effects and is inexpensive! This is why you may be reading about this research more and more in your national paper. Not too long ago I was pleased to read in my own national paper, entitled, “A light in shining armour” that in Scandinavia, light boxes are in kindergarten classrooms!

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"Where can you look for a good light box?"

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