Lisa M

by Lisa M
(New York)

I am fortunate to have family and friends who are supportive, positive and full of faith in me and God.
I have a best friend, and a wonderful husband and two grown daughters, children who I can talk to and relate to.

I see myself starting a life of optimism and joy for living each day that is a gift unto itself.
I see myself being able to really appreciate all the blessings I have.

I see myself restoring my body to its health physically. To shed extra pounds, and become more active with enthusiasm rather than dread and self doubt and hopelessness.

I hope to do something for my fellow man such as a private practice helping stutters and / or work in a local environmental project to restore our Great South Bay on Long Island, New York.

My depression helps me to realize that I am only human, and that I need to use my faith to help me get well, since I cannot do this by myself. I have suffered from depression and anxiety my whole life, and want to regain a sense of freedom from my own self defeating thoughts. I feel as if God has given me this as a means of asking me to go to Him for help.

I also think it gives me a sense of understanding of what others could be going through in their lives.

Insensitive people, and the cruelties people impose on each other makes me mad.

My music, the outdoors, the beauty of creation brings great joy.

Exercise and being outdoors.
Calling friends and family regularly and socializing once again. These are important yet hard for me.
I would also like to take up the piano again, and sing more.

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