little girl lost

by leticia

1.the people i see most often during the week are my husband, my mom and my son. My husband is usually positive, but only when i'm negative. My mother is always negative. and my son brings me joy, but he also brings me alot of stress and frustration.

2.when i finally get a hold of myself, i want to be a hard working student at college studying something that challenges my mind. I want to be enjoying my life by working at something i enjoy and can feel good about, i want to travel , i want to constantly challenge myself and i want to be the kind of mother my son can be proud of and look up to. depression has taught me that i can be very lazy and unfeeling at times. I procrastinate and become angry at myself. it has taught me that i would rather suffer through my mind and my body than to face what i fear.

4. My husband makes me angry, i make myself angry. my mother, my sister, my situation, my inlaws, my son, myself ,myself, myself. god makes me angry life makes me angry death makes me angry husband my son my mom. my deceased dad. my anxiety the past, the present, lack of confidence-i make myself sad. son brings me joy. having time to myself brings me joy. reading , writing ,singing, dancing, traveling all bring me joy. beautiful weather, money in the bank, good sex and delicious food.

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Mar 21, 2009
Little Girl Lost
by: Jen

When I read your comments, it was almost as though I was reading something that I, myself, had wrote. If I were to choose a name for myself it too, would be Little Girl Lost or just simply, Lost. I am utterly alone. I live in a prison in which I cannot escape. Everything I once believed in, now seems false. I have no sense of identity; only that by which other's define me. I have lost all snese of faith or hope...

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