"Living Life on Purpose to Beat Depression"

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"Living life on purpose is one of the greatest defenses against depression." – Dr. Gregg Jantz, "Moving Beyond Depression"

If you struggle with depression, I’ll ask the question, "Do you live a purpose filled life?"

Oh, I know it's hard to get any motivation.

I know there’s nothing worse than living a life where you feel unappreciated and unfulfilled.

In fact, I recently heard that the cause of premature heart attacks in young men in their 30s is job dissatisfaction. Now, that’s something to take note of. (Often male depression happens because men feel inadequate and in the wrong job.)

The fact that severe depression has been medically connected with heart attacks shows how important finding your purpose in life is!

So, let’s figure out if you are living life on purpose…

Take an Honest Look at Your Life Activities

Dr. Gregg Jantz gives an excellent activity in his book, "Moving Beyond Depression"...

In your journal, divide a page into 4 columns. Label them ‘Activity’, ‘Filling’, ‘Draining’ and ‘Overall’.

Write down the first 6 activities you are involved in which come to your mind and put list them in the ‘activity’ column. Then evaluate which elements of these activities are fulfilling and draining. On the last column put what the overall feel is for each activity.

Download your activity sheet here. (Right click and save to your desktop).

Dr. Jantz knows it is essential to create an environment for yourself that is vital and fulfilling for overcoming your depression. Choosing a fulfilling environment is living life on purpose. But, the first step is to evaluate where you are now.

Living life on purpose does not happen when you have too many activities to enjoy them. Depression then occurs. You may also have too few activities and you’re suffering from inactivity. You then are lacking any drive to live – no purpose filled life.

Finding your purpose in life must start with looking at the number of activities you are involved in and secondly at how they are affecting your life.

"Do not confuse motion with action." – Benjamin Franklin

Take some time now to carefully evaluate your activities. Do you enjoy what you do? Is it fulfilling? If not, it’s time to make changes. Often making changes in certain activities does the trick and you don’t have to leave the activities altogether. For example, your marriage. If you are in an empty marriage, I’m not saying to leave it! Heavens no! Learn how to bring life back into your marriage.

Or perhaps you are a teacher but are no longer enjoying teaching. Ask yourself why. Perhaps little changes in your teaching can bring you back to finding your passion for it!

"Moving Beyond Depression" is an extraordinary book that not only touches the very core of this troubling disease but offers healing guidance and wisdom that is totally on target for anyone who suffers from depression." –Cynthia French, author of Humanville

For more detail on living life on purpose to beat depression, please read Chapter 4 of "Moving Beyond Depression".

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There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen

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