luv u for your help

by N
(United Arab Emirates)

1. What did you feel was the main benefit you gained from the book?: well, going thru the 6 steps and implementing all of them. I have started taking 1000 mg of EPA and 500 mg of dha everyday in 2 capsules, i sleep properly, get exposure to light, be social, exercise, try to think positive, and its helped me, i m feeling better now but not the same though... guess it ll take time..

2. What part of the book did you enjoy most and why?: all the 6 steps

3. What part did you enjoy least and why?: it was all superb.. i need to work on positive thinking..

4. Have you had any interesting coincidences or events happen in your life since you started applying these techniques?: well, i am feeling better now, i exercise for 30 minutes in the bright sun daily in the morning before work, then take a shower and go to work, its helped me immensely i have made it a practise.. i have omega 3 fatty acids after meals and i can see the changes.. i am on anti depressants too, hes given a 6 months course but i think after consulting him i ll stop in 2 months

5. Would you be able to provide us with a quote or story that we can share with other readers about your experiences with the program? (We can keep your identity confidential at your request.): It gives u a booster, and definetely overcoming depression will take time, but just believe that it ll go one day, i had been suffering from major depression since end april and went to a psychatrist and then read these 6 steps and implemented these along with anti depressants, i feel better now...

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