by David
(Interlochen Michigan)


My name is Dave I went through a whole lot of medical problems early this year around Jan. 2011

1st I had pains in my legs arms and chest..I was taken off lipitor cause they thought my pains were from the medication..Pains continued..then i went through a cat scan to check if I had an anurisum not sure of the spelling....that was negitive...then I got real dizzy ans weak went to ER. and they thought I had a stroke..that was negitive, but the cat scan showed I had severe sinusitis..then I took antibiotics for twenty days and no relief..went to ear nose and throat doctor..looked into my nose and said I had polips and an allergy...put me on steroids and antihistomines spelling might wrong...while all this was going on i started to get really depressed with pains and tingleing sensations in arem and legs so I was put on Celexa and Xasnax...I felt alot better....Then went to find out I was allergic to Mold,Dust mites,Grass and Trees...I had nerver had an allergy in my 56 years of life. I asked the doctor is my depression could be a resalt of my allergies ..His responce was yes...
So what I have done was rid our house of mold wjth a moldstat and a eletronic sprayer....Bought aircleaner for bedroom and hypoallergenic bed coverings and pillows.

My sinus problem has gotten better and i may have to start allergy shots in the future..When I was feeling depresssed I was feeling so overwhelmed and thought I was going to die...I prayed for Gods help and felt he didnt care...Yhen went to doctor cause I was feeling so awful. The whole experence scared me like never before..My doctor asked I I was having problems to make me feel so bad and I told him I can't think of anything bothering me besides this bad sinus problem and head pressure pains.....I truly feel my depression was caused by my allergies....I sure hope all these syptoms go has really changed me and even my wife thought she was the problem and I told her I loved her and knew she was not my problem....So in closeing I think depression can be caused by allergies........Thanks David

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Aug 27, 2015
by: Anonymous

I think your your depression can be caused by allergies.I sure that all these syptoms go away and you will have good health.

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