My Answers.

by Holly

1. Think of the top 3 people you see most often during the week. Are they positive people or pessimistic people? Do they give you a glimpse of hope and joy or do they squash it all?

My mum and dad and thats it really. They are neither nor. They know whats going on but never mention it, they cant give me as much support as I need.

2. Where do you want to see yourself after being depression free? What do you want to be doing with your life?

I have no idea. I have no goals or dreams for the future. I dont care as long as Im not like this anymore.

3. As you think about your depression, what do you think it may be teaching you about yourself?

That Im a lazy idiot who cant do anything for herself.

4. What or who makes you angry?

My parents expecting me to be able to do everything the same as others do, expecting me to be able to be independant. People who snap or are rude and make judgements. People who preach, who say that all I need is to believe in god and he will magically solve all my problems. (No offence). People who are impatient and dont give me enough time to think. People who say, just do it, or snap out of it.

5. What or who makes you sad?

Failing. My inability to do things for myself. Seeing all my friends being happy and moving on with there lives while I feel stuck. Knowing that they gave up on me. Not being able to do the things that others can. Knowing that despite confiding in my best friend, she doesnt seem interested or like she cares at all that I am having a hard time.

6. What or who brings you joy?

Very little, if anything. Knowing that I made someone happy, makes me feel slightly happy myself.

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