my depression...

by praggya
(delhi india)

well...if anybody is listening here then please tell me should i come out of this feeling or not...i dont have any story for my depression rather i want to share one
well im a 16 year old girl and from the beginning of my schooling years as early as i was in class 1 i havent had friends...i dont know whats the problem with me but i dont get friends..either they ignore me or dont want to talk with me...i feel like crying when i see the photos of people on networking sites such as facebook and myspace..
also ive lost interest in most activities which i used to enjoy earlier...m not interested in studying also...
ive stopped going to places i was eager to go before
my parents are sick of me and my life seems meaningless...though by looking at my face you wont be able to judge it...
if anybodys reading it then please think something about me....

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Sep 23, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi Praggya,
You have only one life and you have to live the best. Mental health is the most important of all. Even if you are the most beautiful lady on this earth and mentally suffering, everything is futile. Even the ugliest person on this earth can be happy if he enjoys a sound mental health. Dedicate some time each day in isolation towards analysing your problem and the possible solutions. Make it work out for you. I know few visualisation techniques to overcome depressions but for that I need details.Miracles do happen and please make them work without gaining any sympathy from anyone.

Jul 03, 2010
There is a light
by: Rachel


I can understand the feelings and emotion you are going through right now. I am 23 now, but I have been suffereing from depression since I was 12.

In middle school and high school I went through many of the same feeling and experiences as you. Remember girls can be cruel to each other. You will make it through this. I did. I learned to love myself, my awkward personality and all.

I started a jounal at your age. I wrote down what was bugging me, and my emotions. Getting your feelings on paper can really help. My jounal became like a trusted friend to me.

Live each day, with the hope that tomorrow will be better. You can make it to the light, you just have to accept you for you.



Jan 03, 2010
by: Jia

Don't worry your not alone.. I've been suffering depression for over 5 years and I'm 14. Remember that someone in this world cares for you. Stay strong. School or friends do not last forever. If you can't bear it then write a you thoughts and feelings in a journal. or you can go to a doctor.. I'm very sure you'll find a friend or someone you can talk to about this. remember stay strong even though it's hard to. Good luck

Dec 01, 2009
you're not alone
by: comingoutofthedark

I hope you have or plan on seeing a Doctor about your depression as what you describe are classic symptoms. It's important to tell your doctor and seek help. You are not alone.

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