MY FIRST STEP (of the cure depression e-course)

by carol
(los angeles)

I can't say too much right now cause I have only been on this website for a couple of hours and have only received the first step of the e-course... HOWEVER, one thing that I did notice is that this website is different from all of those other ones on google trying to sell you something. I said to myself... I'm just going to try and sign up for the e-courses and see what scam they try to pull at the end. TO my suprise, no scam, no hidden charge, no request for your credit card number... just some basic info (that you can even make up if you want, like your name and email address if you want to) and you get access to the e-course and the first ingredient.

I just don't get how this is the only website/doctor/author that isn't trying to make a profit by sharing her story with people and letting other people share their stories. THIS IS REALLY FREE VALUABLE INFORMATION! I don't know what is going to happen yet, because obviously I've only received the first email, but I know that it's going to be hard, but coming across this site tonight (well about 4:40am now) gives me a little hope a little inspiration... that someone is doing this for me, in today's scam-artist world!!! It's really refreshing and inspiring.

I will write again in a few days or a week or two weeks or a month... who knows... but I know now that I have the power to do it if I start to work on it.

I can't even thank you for all of your help yet, but be sure that you will hear from me again, and if I do climb this mountain, I will tell you how I got there!!! Most people would be suprised.


Thanks Carol for your kind words! I am so overjoyed that you have new motivation and inspiration! Once you get through this, you can spread the good news!

Enjoy the e-course! Carefully implement each step with your doctor's approval. There is hope!


Merri Ellen :)

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