my life


1. Think of the top 3 people you see most often during the week. Are they positive people or pessimistic people? Do they give you a glimpse of hope and joy or do they squash it all?

tammy waldron
robin ferguson
tara lavook
they are positive people
yes they give me hope and joy

2. Where do you want to see yourself after being depression free? What do you want to be doing with your life?i feel like a different person.i want to be an assistant principle

3. As you think about your depression, what do you think it may be teaching you about yourself? i don't know.

4. What or who makes you angry? if someone get on my bad side or i get in trouble at school

5. What or who makes you sad? think about my dad my friend that died in a car reck ashley

6. What or who brings you joy? tammy waldron robin ferguson

7. What’s one thing, after reading our 6 steps report, that you do not do in this week? i don't know

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