my parents just don't get it

by Andrea

why don't my parents take my depression seriously?

i was diagnosed at age 11 with depression, anxiety, and ocd.
i have since been diagnosed with adhd and asperger's as well.
i have been on an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety med for about seven years, and on a non-stimulant adhd med for about five years. more recently i've started another adhd med. i also take fish oil, b-complex, and magnesium supplements.

i have been in therapy since i was 11 (mostly on a weekly basis) and i've had four therapists. 1 moved, 2 got promoted, 3 was rude, 4 treated me like i was 8 (i was 17 then), and i'm now seeing 2 at another office. she's the best of them all, but she sometimes says things that imply that i have no common sense. and we for some odd reason don't discuss my issues. we talk about my life. what's been going on, what is going on, and the future. it gets redundant fast and isn't always helpful.

i'm 18 now and i don't understand why my parents still don't take my depression seriously. they say i'm making excuses, being cranky, being overly sensitive, being lazy, and other things.

i have insomnia, my appetite changes constantly, i feel tired during the day, i hardly ever get a good quality of sleep, and i lack energy/motivation. i can't help it.

i feel like crap nearly all of the time. my family blames most everything on me. and i'm positive that my parents favor my brother over me.

any idea why my parents don't take my depression seriously?

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May 16, 2013
by: Pam - Oklahoma

It doesn't matter what other people think. What matters is you know yourself and live the greatest life possible. Take it from me, it was 58 before I realized my mother has always taken from me but never gives anything except criticism, judgement, and loans she never pays back.

Even though I am depressed, I can tell you, it is a much better life when I don't care what others think of me. Be yourself, choose the people you want to be around and limit your time with people who will never understand and will judge you for what they perceive is your weaknesses.

Your weaknesses may just be your greatest strengths. I have a young friend who is also an Aspie. His parents don't understand and forces him to do things that make him extremely uncomfortable and depressed. He does care what his parents think of him, but I think it is habit we all have from being children.

You are grown now, and can make your own decisions in your life. Choose wisely, what doesn't feel right probably isn't.

Good luck, I love aspies

Dec 26, 2009
don't worry
by: Anonymous


I am happy that you diagonised it early ..but i will tell you somthing..ur parents are never going to understand since being parents too..don't understand...rather than telling me not to be lazy....see..i go..throug....same..your..problems..too....
the only thing ur parents dont understand iis that they think they know every thing....and u will need to meet a
and u see people think going there is a bad thing..and ur ..parents,,don't want others to think like ..might..have to deal..with ..the problem..with..urself..just like am planning to do....k

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