My school life - by a young man

Fist of all i want to share my age, i am 14 years old and have been in my mind depressed and i dont want to ruin my future because of it.

1) The three people i see most, which would be the only people i talk to. These three people are most definitally the kind of people that follow out the same routine. I could want to do something different, but they say its boring.

2) After this episode of depresion, i see myself as a smiling succesful hardworking individual. The amount of things i can achieve is almost limitless if i put my mind to it.

3) My depression is most likely telling me to trust my self, which i want to. Throughout the days, i find myself staring at random placed, daydreaming, thinking of a better world. A world which everyone can get along.
I know that sounds abit strange, but i am still picturing it.

4)5) In school, being a 14 year old, i fine that the people that make me angry are the people trying to show off, that is what makes me so unconfident.

6) The thing that brings me joy is when im not with anyone, by my self, not worrying about everything.

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Mar 28, 2013
Response to My school life
by: Pam Borum

Hi nice young man,
I read your post, and I think you are great to share. You just may one of those special people who can change the world.

I believe there are some of those people out there, and your emotions must be leading you into making a positive change.

I wish I had your insight and a desire to better myself at your age. I am 58 years and I just might have enough time to change the world too.

I have been working these steps on this web site and I have been amazed how I was able to get out of bed after step 1. I have had good days and bad days but better than falling into the abyss and never coming back.

Just be yourself and you will make connections, believe me. Those show offs at school are trying to feel liked by those around them. It is sad for them and great you will find your self love without having to fake it.

Good luck,
Keep us posted
Pam - Oklahoma USA

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