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by Jenny Price
(Houston, TX USA)

Share Your Depression Life Lessons...

1. Think of the top 3 people you see most often during the week. Are they positive people or pessimistic people? Do they give you a glimpse of hope and joy or do they squash it all?

The answer here really does make 2 bosses are always talking doom and gloom all the time to me. my best girl friend I used to hang with found an online man and wont stop being online long enough to not only see me but to have a conversation with me. and my other guy friend wont talk to me because apparently I did something that he wont tell me...that has gone on for a month and it is eating me alive.

2. Where do you want to see yourself after being depression free? What do you want to be doing with your life?

I just want peace...I used to have peace...since I switched this job I dont anymore.

3. As you think about your depression, what do you think it may be teaching you about yourself?

That I have to learn to adapt to my life changing. I have great things in my life to be thankful for it just seems though that the last 6 months have been the roughest in my entire life.

4. What or who makes you angry?

The whole situation with my guy friend because he was a good friend that I had really gotten close to. I feel betrayed and a whole other range of emotions.

5. What or who makes you sad?

The same situation...
I compared it to my dad never being in the picture... he was one of the first males I really let in since my grandfather passed about 7 years ago... besides my husband who I feel is just there.

6. What or who brings you joy?

My beautiful daughter...just thinking of her has kept me from doing something bad to myself. It is so sad to type that but so true.


Hi Jenny, thanks for sharing.

If I read that correctly, you are married and yet had a close guy friend you shared emotions with and now has distanced himself? Could it be that he feels uncomfortable getting close to you because you're married? Perhaps I'm totally off but that was my first thought. I hope you can share things with your own husband and if not, I hope it can change for you as I know it can. I've seen it.

I'm sorry to hear of your job being a negative environment. That certainly doesn't help. I guess one thing you could do is turn things upside down and smile and encourage them the best you can and see if it becomes contagious...

I know I have done this myself and I find that feelings often follow actions. So, if I initially feel negative about something - like playing Lego with my toddler, I realize - wait this is a good thing! So, I consciously, put a smile on my face... stop what I'm doing and have a blast playing Lego. Maybe that's a bad example :)

So, my point is to look for the positive in things and encourage others even when you don't feel like it and you'd be surprised to see what happens. Honestly, the power of purposeful action is amazing.

Don't give up! Continue to go through the research and find hope!


Merri Ellen

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