my uncle died

by katelin
(lyles tn )

my uncle died from cancer and im very upset about it i just dont know what to do its very depressing he was the best thing that ever happend to our family he was loving sensitive fun to be with and very very very exiting will you please please please help me its like half my life was taken with him :(


Hi Katelin,

Thanks for sharing about your uncle. Mourning the loss of someone so special is very hard. I'm so happy to hear that he was such a special man. I encourage you to honour him and do something special in memory of him. Start with writing down all the things that made him special. What did he do or say or enjoy that reflected his love, his sensitivity and his desire for fun? He has left you a legacy and now to honour him, you can follow that and adopt that as your motto. What reflection did he leave? Now, go and do the same for the next generation- setting an example to them in love, in having good fun and in being sensitive- just as you shared about your uncle. Become for others what he was for you. He would be proud of you if you did this to honour him.


Merri Ellen

P.S. Sounds like your uncle followed the example set by Jesus in loving others. "Love others as well as you love yourself."

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