natural 5 htp dosage for depression?

how much milligram of 5-htp did you take during the three month period?


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I started with 50 mg because I was on Paxil and trying to wean off of it. I found that I didn't need to increase the dosage.

Research shows that some people respond better to lower doses, so it’s a good idea to start at the low end of the dose range and increase if necessary.

According to Dr. Van Praag’s writings in the Biology Psychiatry Journal, the effective dosage appears to be between 50 and 500 mg daily. However, if you choose to use 5 HTP as a natural source of serotonin to use alongside an antidepressant like I did, the effective dose may be even lower. (There are dangers in combining 5 HTP with certain meds so talk to your doctor.)

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Jun 29, 2009
more to 5 htp dosage...
by: Merri Ellen

"Dr. Michael T Murry, the author of 5-HTP The Natural Way To Boost Serotonin and Overcome Depression, Obesity and Insomnia" writes this...

"For depression... the dosage should be started at 50 mg three times per day. If the response is inadequate after two weeks, increase the dosage to 100 mg three times per day. This recommendation will greatly reduce the mild symptoms of nausea often experienced during the first few weeks of 5-HTP therapy. Using enteric-coated capsules or tablets (pills prepared in a manner so that they will not dissolve in the stomach) significantly reduces the likelihood of nausea. Because 5-HTP does not rely on the same transport vehicle as L-tryptophan, it can also be taken with food."

(Again I recommend you talk to your doctor!)

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