nevr thought it cud get this bad

by snowblader
(spearfish sd)

im not a varey good speller so sarey iv had it for years but its bad this year i cant tahk about it with enebutey im afrad of making them depreest 2 and what they will thenk of me and im afrad of ghasip iv ruveld thing 2 pepel and its out ther now. im so afrad and it made it wers. i thank of suasid all the time but kant put my pan on every1 around me so thats out of the qweschun. my daprshon is like a whund that dusnt heel and thengs hapen that r like salt in the whund i havent had eany tipe of canversathun with eneybuty 4 a long time. i ma spek 10 20 wherds a day.i feel like im geting dumer and dumer bey the day. i thenk my bran is shuteng down.

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