not getting along with my sister...

by maili

my sis hates my guts. i can be annoying but not so much for her to treat me like this. when i try to talk to her she yells and says i`m ruining her life! i think shes the main root of my problem. my parents have tried to make her stop but she disrespects them and runs her mouth. she thinks my parents love me more because im in the gifted program at school and that i use my intelligence to get away with stuff.and she thinks being rude and cruel to me and the rest of the family will get her a good impression for her friends. i really need advice! i dont want her to keep treating me like this! i love her but she is too overwhelmed to notice it. i had to go to therapy cause of her!im 11 but i need advice to stop this and maby i`ll feel joy my life.


Maili - Way not to give up on your sister!

Your sister is full of selfishness, rudeness and arrogance. The only way she'll become an unselfish person is if God brought her to her knees. I invite you to commit to praying for her for 30 days straight. Seriously. See what that does!

Here's a good prayer to pray every day for the next month...

"God, show my sister how to be kind, gentle, and patient with others (including me!). Encourage her to say things that are helpful, not hurtful. Remind her to treat others the way they would want to be treated.

Please give me patience with her and love her when she's unlovable. Help me to know how you love us even when we mess up and love us no matter what.

Please help my sister to honour our parents so that she lives a long, fulfilling life learning how to respect authority.

I trust you to make this happen God!


- Prayer is a simple conversation with God - why not talk to him about this? You're a patient and loving sister!


Merri Ellen

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