Nothing to lose...

by Still The Old Hero

1. One squashes it, the second is on the fence, and the third is all smiles.

2. I want to be happily married with a well-paying job that I enjoy dedicating my time and energy to.

3. I think it may be telling me to pay closer attention to myself rather than to others.

4. On a regular basis? The punks who congregate not far from my front door drinking cheap wine all day surrounded by a brood of unkempt dogs and ask cheekily if I'll give them some of my hard earned pay every time I walk by. As if they were invalids.

5. People, perhaps like me, whom I suspect are secretly in distress of some kind but either loathe to speak of it or simply suspect they haven't the first clue as to how they might combat it - for more than a few minutes that is.

6. It brings me immense joy when a lovely young woman I know in Tulsa shares pieces of her inner world with me.

7. Keeping a journal again - a helpful one.

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