Please love me...

by Gold

Every wife that ever walk on this entire planet... Wanted only one thing, to have a happy family and be loved by their husband.

But that is not the case for me.

Everytime that my husband and I had an argument... It is always my fault. Even if I feel that it is his fault... There is ALWAYS A REASON FOR HIM to turn things around and point the blame on me.

I felt always useless. Just like a flower vase in our house. Just a decoration. Just a mother for our child and nothing more. I felt like he doesn't love me anymore.

I tried to be close... But he is so distant. He is just beside me but I can't feel his presence. I know I also have my faults but the torture is too much. I can't take it anymore. It's bleeding me to death. My heart is crushed and I felt so lifeless.

Everyday is a battle. To be heard.... Seen... Felt... Loved. Sometimes I just wanted to end it all. But I am just surviving because of our son. He is the only one who makes me alive.

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