by Asha

Mainly the first thing I'd like to do again is love my baby/son all over again. The father of my son is a manipulator. He makes me feel worthless. He came up with the idea that I have post-pardum depression just to take my son away. I was so wrapped up with being in love with him that I didn't notice the signs. Everything over with and the wounds are fresh. I'm hurt because I want to love my 1 year old son so much but the capacity is full of hurt, regret, uselessness, worthlessness, and low self-esteem. I just want that love and honor of being a strong woman that could move on and see the tough and trying time as a door to walk through and achieve the pure satisfaction of being and loving mother able to stand the test of times with him. My baby is my first concern and the pain last. Whichever comes first in the process. I just want to live again and a bountiful proud loving mother. Help!!!!! Please if you can! Love.

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