Question about keeping a log of what you eat.

How do you know if a certain food makes you depressed? I am keeping a log of everything I eat, but how would I know if the food is causing depression? Basically if I am depressed the next day that means that something I ate the night before is the culprit or waiting a couple of hours after determines a food that makes me depressed? Also I read you should avoid caffeine, then it is okay to have decaffinated coffee. Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Marianna! Yes, you could try decaf coffee!

If you feel depressed within a few hours after eating a certain food, that could indeed mean a food allergy. To test this you should abstain from that food for at least four days. On the fifth day take a big quantity of that food. If you have a strong reaction, you know that you have an allergy to that food.
Then you ask your doctor for an official food allergy test to make it documented.

Hope that helps!

Merri Ellen :)

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