by Katie
(Brampton, Ontario, Canada)

Share Your Depression Life Lessons...

1. Think of the top 3 people you see most often during the week. Are they positive people or pessimistic people? Do they give you a glimpse of hope and joy or do they squash it all?
--- My boyfriend: He is pessimistic most of the time. he has been through some depression himself in the past so it is difficult at times. Although he does act positive at times. He gives me a glimpse of hope because of what he went through and it shows he is a strong person. I also look forward to our future because I love him to death.
--- My mom: My mom can be a bit of both. We have good talks about my depression and how I act. And she has tried helping me trying to find the root of the issue. She has also been through a lot in her life. And she is a very strong woman. This gives me hope that I can look up to her and be like her.
--- My brother: I am not sure is he is overly positive. But he is that pessimistic. He is just an overall general "normal" person. We get along xtremely well and I look to him as a great friend. We spend lots of free time together, and when we hangout I don't tend to think of the bad things. This gives me hope because I don't feel negative when I am around him which is positive.

2. Where do you want to see yourself after being depression free? What do you want to be doing with your life?
-- After a depression free scenario, I would love to be myself again. To do the things I enjoy doing most. Be lively again, think positively, and feel whole again. I want all of my relationships to be stable and to have less worry.
Eventually I want to spend my life in a great career teaching, and spend it with my boyfriend who I love. I want to be able to grow from that with him.

3. As you think about your depression, what do you think it may be teaching you about yourself?
--- I think that my depression has taught me that I am not as strong as I once thought. I tend to bottle things up.. and this past year has had some tremendous ups and downs and I think that alone has caused a flux in my mood. It is hard for me to let go of some of these things. I think I got hurt so bad that it is hard for me to have hope. I tend to have low self esteem, I get sick more, migraines, I worry more, get grumpy. I feel like there is no hope for me.

4. What or who makes you angry?
--- People who try to play games with me, play with my head. People who do not apologize. Abuse. My mother use to make me angry, to the point where my anger was terrible. My best friend makes me angry because she consistently puts me down and now avoids me. I get angry when I am competitive. My sister use to make me angry, due to jealousy. My looks, and physical appearance makes me angry. And ignorant people. Most people who are fake.

5. What or who makes you sad?
--- I make myself sad.

6. What or who brings you joy?
--- Working out makes me happy. Food makes me happy. Certain friends and family.
Being a round kids and working with kids either camp or teaching etc.
Spending time with my boyfriend makes me happy, not all the time but certain times.
Reading and tanning make me happy also.


Thanks for sharing Katie!! I'm glad you went through these questions and I hope they gave you some insight! There is hope!!


Merri Ellen

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