REAL depression

by Daniel
(Olympia, WA)

(A negative comment with Merri Ellen's response below...)

I been suffering from depression for 25 years. When I saw this website about cure-your-depression I figured why not take a look. I understand that person that wrote all about depression has many years of experience and a great education so you must give them a certain amount of respect. However, reading about depression, studying about depression, and talking about depression is completely different than having depression.

Step 1 is to diet and exercise. Sounds good on paper but in reality exactly how depressed you are and how long have you been down will determine what your capable of doing. For example, a person with major depression than has been down for a while can barely get out of bed and put his pants on in the morning. To tell him that he needs to diet and exercise at this stage of depression is crazy. Suggesting that somebody diet and exercise works for someone that is mildly depressed for a short period of time not for someone that is truly depressed.

I received step 4 today-positive thinking. I'm sorry, but whoever wrote that doesn't know or understand depression at all. Positive thinking is good for the mild depressed person but for real depression its a joke. Real depression wipes out any possibility of positive thinking. Step 4 did give me a good laugh which helped elevate the depression a little bit so it did help in that regard.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your honesty. I understand what real depression is and that it affects how we respond to things. That was me too.

When depressed, we see everything in a negative light. So, I understand why you would respond this way. Be encouraged. Don't give up. Real depression takes a real decision to implement proven research. Remember - this research isn't mine - it's based straight from proven studies. It takes faith and action, however, to implement it.

When I read this research, my initial response wasn't so hot either. However, I made up my mind that I'd rather live fully than merely exist. Don't give up. You are worth it!

Take one step at a time.

Thanks again for sharing Daniel. Thanks for your honesty.


Merri Ellen

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May 25, 2009
Real Depression
by: Tony

I have been depressed for most of my life, have read many books and articles have taught others about depression, have taken various antidepressant medications. I have begun taking your advice on how to overcome depression for just over a week now. I am encouraged at what i have read and i have put into practice what has been suggested.I have found that the research of Merri Ellen is very good, it is practical and makes common and medical sense.I fully agree that the medication is only part of the cure for depression, in that it takes away some of the worst symptoms of one's depression.The time to do something about one's depression is when the bad edge has been taken off.I have have started the process you recommend and i am encouraged at my progress so far.The research in my opinion is not realy new to myself but the big difference is that i have taken a decision to carefully put into practice what i have been told. So far so good and thank you for your advice.It has been a blessing to me.

Apr 09, 2009
on the subject of real depression
by: Anonymous

I?m submitting this in response to another post entitled, ?Real Depression.? This person said he/she?s been suffering from real depression for 25 years. Well, he/she?s got me there as I?ve only been suffering from real depression for 19 years. However, finding this sight gave me an instant ray of hope and light. I believe this is where our healing begins is a faith. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for.? Therefore, I change my negative faith, telling me I?ll always feel like a nothing and a nobody, to. If this can work for them; then why should it not me?

I?ve been taking the advice on this sight for a six months now. And I?ve honestly never felt this good about my life since by childhood. I?m no longer taking any of the many antidepressants I used to take for, what seemed a very mild form of euphoria, and that euphoria never lasted. Today, only approximately 6 months later, I?m exercising two to three times a week. With changing my diet and taking a few natural supplements( I take 5-htp,Cylapril , and just added a B12) But with those supplements and a better diet and exercise I?m feeling great.

Now don?t confused this message as thinking you too can stop your anti-depressant; please seek your doctor?s advice for that. But it?s been proven for me; that the only thing an anti depressant should be given for; is to bring one out of that severe hopeless bottom. This is where the anti depressant will give you a small glimpse of hope for you to implement a better life into your life.

First off, have Faith. I personally started by trying to change my thinking from being overwhelmed with negative thinking; I started my sitting down and forcing myself to write a gratitude list. This was extremely difficult at the beginning/ However, the more I practiced this thinking the easier it became.

I personally would send out praise to Merri Ellen for putting this information together. Keep in mind; many of us did not become this depressed with our lives over night; so unfortunately, you?ll not feel a whole lot better over night. But stick with it; one day at a time, as Merri Ellen says; ?we?re worth it.? And you will get over the Real Depression.? Thanks for listening.

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