Roller Coaster Ride of Anti-depressants

by Michelle

I was diagnosed with Mitro Valve Prolapse 17 years ago. The cardiologist prescribed medication to help me with symptoms one being Zoloft. I had no idea what it was except that it was suppose to help me with my condition. About a year after that I visited a different doctor for chronic migraines. He said I was depressed and needed a higher dosage of Zoloft. And so there it began, my roller coaster ride of anti-depressants. Today I still struggle and currently I'm on a combination of Prozac and Welbutrin. When looking up side effects of Welbutrin I stumbled upon this website and I'm very glad that I did. I signed up for the e-course and just read the first: diet and exercise. Let's begin this journey and see if I can be cured and drug free. I'm so ready!

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