Are There Any SAM e Side Effects?

Good news! SAM e side effects are very few. One reason this is that SAM-e is a natural molecule in your body, and a SAM-e supplement simply replenishes your body’s own natural supply. (SAM e, when taken in proper doses, works faster than antidepressants - usually only two weeks compared to the four week standard for antidepressants. This is one reason why taking SAM e for depression is becoming more and more common.

However, SAM e side effects can occur when you take more SAM e for depression than you should! High doses can lead to SAM-e side effects of anxiety and restlessness, headache, and cause insomnia.

A few people taking high doses have reported SAM e side effect such as mild gas (such as stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea and flatulence), anxiety, insomnia, hyperactive muscle movement, and hypomania. However, many of these symptoms will diminish with time, with lower dosages, or when supplementation is stopped.

Another SAM-e side effect is nausea which can be reduced when it is taken with or after a meal as opposed to an empty stomach.

If you are suffering from severe depression, you should seek advice from a doctor before taking any SAM-e for depression.

SAM e side effects may also include a manic swing if you have bipolar disorder .

How Much SAM e Should You Take?

You can increase the effectiveness and cut down on SAM e side effects by taking 50 or 100 mg SAM-e (one quarter or one half of a 200 mg pill) per day or every other day.


Doctors don’t recommend combining SAM-e with pharmaceutical antidepressants or other drugs and supplements with a stimulant nature.

One reader wrote to Dr. Ray Sahelian, author of Mind Boosters

“This is what is amazing .. I have been depressed most of my life - often severely and being distraught is much worse then depression - many reasons contributed including an extremely poor memory… I can't work or perform most jobs even competently. Did go to college and studied all the time and made the dean's list often. Following "easy instructions" is sometimes difficult though I can be very clever, witty, humorous and creative in some situations (I am very perceptive and intuitive so that I know what situations... test them all but I am rarely wrong in judging people and knowing what I can do and what I can't and who will like me or not ... way before other people know anything about me or have they might perceive me (I am way to complex for others to figure out, I guess).

SAM-e supplement is the miracle. I would go off other anti-depressants in the past - most didn't work except Luvox helped a little - but now I take cheap SAM-e … I take 2,000 mg … and 1/2 hour later I take all B vitamins

Anyway for 6 months SAM-e has saved my life and I haven't been severely depressed and no I don't feel over-anxious or stimulated and yes I have my sex drive back (under most anti-depressants, orgasm was an impossible thing).”

Where Can You Get SAM e For Depression?

SAM e tablets by Nature Made

Ask your doctor before taking SAM e. If you are taking it and are experience SAM e side effects, visit your doctor again!

Learn more about the research of Dr. Ray Sahelian, author of Mind Boosters

There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen

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