Seeing Black and White When You Know the World Should Be In Color

Depression distorts our perceptions. You always know, at some level, the world has color, because you remember it, before the depression. You feel like you're drowning, and just catching glimpses of the world above. It's a battle that most of us fight alone. I mean, who really wants a loved one to understand how truly miserable she or he is? People who are depressed understand the irony of this self disclosure. But loved ones do know you are battling something. It's like trying to describe the invisible wolf at the door. Fortunately, there is an answer, though many of us have struggled a long time to find it. Traditional antidepressants have their place, and they have helped a lot of people. Because of this, they cannot be discounted. At the same time, they were not the answer for this author. My depression was too severe for conventional medicine, I guess. When natural supplements worked where prescribed medication failed, I was floored. I would have never guessed that supplements could be the answer to severe depression. It's nice not to be drowning. It's nice to dream in color again, and see in color again.

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Jan 18, 2010
What worked?
by: Anonymous

What was it that helped you?

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