Silence My New Lanuguage

by LOve

This is true this quote helps me face my everyday obstacles hope it helps you too.

This is true this quote helps me face my everyday obstacles hope it helps you too.

Trying to cope with myself and the way i am treated was the hardest when i weight almost 200lbs when i was younger than 15. Sometimes i was ashamed to look at myself in the mirror and so i started to starve myself and started to set my mood and everything around me feel almost dark.If anything made me happy was my family but sometimes i was judged at home made fun of but i guess they thought i was okay with it. Obiously i wasnt okay but how could i tell my parents that? So i started to stay alone and try to solve all my internal problems myself instead of seeking for help.I tried to find happiness other ways like my love of singing and reading and writing. My favourite books are about people like me although most of them are fictional i still use their ideas to make myself find happiness.
My friends started to get worried about me on how i suddenly stopped eating and started to lose interest in everything and i started to make some stupid mistake that i regret now. Almost 5 months later my family noticed i was drastically losing weight and anything would make me cry. So as i was helping my friend solve a problems between us, i started crying, she was so confused and so that's when i knew i had to speak out! so i did and now i am slowly recovering on my own because i figure with the help of DEmiLavato that my life is so much precious that wanting to lose it because of my appearance. And if i wanted to look different i would have to make changed in my life , healthier and changing my life style so both myself and other who love me aren't harmed. So now im still going to the same troubles but as i continue to speak out i am able to slowly recover because i have to stay strong and be a model to other who are going through the same problems. Stay Strong Everyone !!!

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