Simply Greatful!

by Georgia

I have social anxiety disorder and SAD and I have been doing much research on the topics on how I can heal/ recover from what I have and I came across your website and it's awesome! The part I am wondering about is - why do we have to wait three days for your next info. e-book? It's so great - it seems as though I just want a quick fix. I also thought that the other reason why you send info. every three days is so we can fully absorb the steps. Anyways, thanks for you r website, and it's also reassuring when the author has actually gone through depression.


Hi Georgia!

Thanks for your comment. Yes, you are right - I send out the tips every 3 days so you can digest it and not get overwhelmed!! I know what it's like to be in depression - you can be paralyzed in many ways and so taking any action is painful. So, one step at a time, I find, is more helpful.

Be patient with yourself! Enjoy the journey the best you can.


Merri Ellen

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