Slightly Depressed

I have been on med's for my anxiety and since then most days have been great. I must say to all of you's who are critical about med's, they work! I guess I was lucky because the third one's I have tried work for me. I wouldn't say I am as depressed anymore. I actually began taking my med's for anxiety. But anxiety is part of depression so... I guess this is just a post for those who are thinking that med's don't work. I also have a bible support group and another friend of mine is going through anxiety as well. So, it's a great support system we get together once sometimes twice a week. I highly recommend getting together with a support group. It is also said that when you are depressed for feeling "out of sorts" to connect with friends or gather a support network. To all of those out there, we can get out of the dark place, what helps me stay above ground most days is God.

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