Social Anxiety disorder

You suggested writing down 3+ friends and trying to be a better friend to them right? Well what if I have NO friends due to (literally) a life time of social anxiety that has prevented me from forming those kinda of relationships. Even as a small child I never had a friend. Now I have panic attacks even with close family members and people I've know for years.
I cant list friends or talk to anyone. I'm totally isolated. And being around others (forcing myself to be around others) Seams to make my depression worse because I want to form these relationships be fail. I can't speak up at all.


Thank you!!! For speaking up! Way to go! I completely understand as I'm walking through this with a new friend. She's reached out to me and this all seems so strange to her in having a 'normal' friend as she calls me. And yet, she's pressing forward with courage. Perhaps you can start with an online social anxiety forum where you can connect with others going through the same journey. Together you can spur each other on to make a first step into face to face community. Step by step my online friend. Thank you for sharing. May that small spark of desire for real friendships grow into greater courage.

'Renting a friend' (a counselor) can help you get started too. If a face to face counseling session isn't doable for you, feel free to enlist one of our online counselors...

The important thing is keep taking steps forward, as small as they seem.

There is hope! You are worth it!

Merri Ellen :)

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