by bleedin red
(crapville colorado)

after being with the love of my life for 3 years and having a kid together she decided that she wanted to be with someone else leaving me homeless and stranded 2450 miles away from my home town of DETROIT MICHIGAN and now i just want to kill my self i cant live with out her and even if i wanted to move on i dont think i can wtf am i supossed to do

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Jan 27, 2014
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by: Pam - Oklahoma

I do not know how recent you posted this. My hope is you posted it months ago and have found your way. I can relate to your situation. I was never homeless, and had a bed I couldn't bring myself to get out of, to supporting myself through a job.

My first step was finding this web sight, signing up to receive the steps by email and working them as faithfully as I could manage.

Once I worked the steps I found this web sight

I contribute changes in my life to brainstorming in the journal as described in the above link. I did it faithfully everyday and tried to become in my mind where I wanted to be. Two or three weeks later I started getting calls for jobs I never applied for. I had four job offers in one week.

I'm not saying my depression is cured, but I am a strong believer in the steps I took through cure your depression emails followed by the manifestation techniques on the link above.

I hope the best for you and just wanted to share what worked for me many months ago.

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