Step 5- Seek out friends. Ya right.

by Dan
(Olympia, WA)

Its good to be around friends and relatives when your depressed I agree. The problem is they don't want to be around you. Friends and relatives can handle short minor bursts of depression but anything beyond that scares them. Instead of advising people to be around friends and relatives I would advise people to just be around people.

Get out of the house, join a club, even have a beer at the local pub. Talking to people about your depression will not work either. When you do they won't understand and they will head for the door.

If you need to talk to somebody make it a therapist, he doesn't really want to hear about it either but he is getting paid. I have a lot of experience in these matters and I'm continually learning on what works and what doesn't.


Thanks Dan for sharing. You're right- not all friends and family understand so choose to share wisely. Social support is key so sometimes we have to find it elsewhere. You're so right. However, leave out the bar and drinking beer as alcohol can become a danger zone and has been proven to make mental health worse - best is red wine is small moderation but most of us don't know what moderation means. Love the club idea especially around a hobby or sport. The side effects of exercise and creativity is a better option! :)

There is hope! Thanks for sharing with others here.


Merri Ellen

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