by carol
(la, ca)

I have been taking salmon oil capsules for the past few days. On the label it states "1000mg" however on the back when I read the EPA and DHA levels... it says 120mg of EPA and 80mg of DHA from omega 3 fatty acid's.

So does that mean that the capsules themseleves have 1000mg's of salmon oil, but that the EPA and DHA from the omega 3 fatty acids are only 120mg and 80mg respecitively?

If that is the case that means I am not getting anywhere close to what I should be getting in omega 3 fatty acids right? I have purchased your 6 steps handbook, and as I understand it, I should be getting 1000mg's of the actual omega 3 fatty acid's themselves right?

I am pretty confused at this point, can you please help out?



Hi Carol,

Yes, you are right - your dosage is pretty low. I would recommend finding one with a higher dosage for more effectiveness. Looks like they just added the 2 together. Look for a brand that will give you 1000mg of EPA and 500mg of DHA per day - according to Dr. Andrew Stoll's research. (see the 2nd chapter of my book). Thanks for asking!


Merri Ellen

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