How Sugar and Depression are Linked.

Not only does the science show how sugar and depression are linked, but in my own life this year I've become more convinced than ever before. First my story, then the science...

My story of sugar and depression...

This year I went onto a ketogenic diet (high fat and leafy greens, moderate protein, low carb and low sugar) to lose some weight. I sure did. I lost 18 pounds in a matter of weeks simply by eating this way and with only walking my dog daily. I also found a huge increase in joyful mood, plus energy, plus an increase in my creative thinking ability. :)

The science on sugar and depression...

So, what's the science? 

Researchers discovered that people who ate sweetened foods were more likely to be diagnosed with depression, while a diet rich in whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and fish, can lower your risk for depression.

Sugar Addiction

My husband also did the ketogenic diet and in the first week or so, he went through major withdrawal. He's always had more of a sweet tooth than me. What we didn't realize is that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Can you believe it? The high from sugar is stronger than the high from cocaine.  Even a person with a cocaine addiction will get a stronger high from sugar.

study found that our brain’s sweet receptors are not adapted to constant and high levels of sugar. This intense sweetness can stimulate our brain to be more enjoyable than cocaine.

Sugar is everywhere. I noticed that cutting out sugar also made my plate of food taste EVEN better! You no longer need high sugar foods to be satisfied. Plus, you gain more energy and eliminate the carb crash. As you eliminate sugar, your palate will adjust, and you won’t need as much sugar to feel satisfied.

A high sugar diet may promote inflammation which in turn is also linked to depression, according to one study. 

This makes sense even when you simply look at the symptoms. Many of the symptoms of inflammation are also common with depression, such as: 

  • loss of appetite
  • changes in sleep patterns
  • heightened perceptions of pain

(That’s why depression may be an underlying sign of inflammation problems.)

This is why in our cure your depression e-course, we address the connection between your diet and depression.

Choosing foods low in refined ingredients, like sugar, but high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals can relieve the symptoms of depression. Scientists believe the power of these foods promotes good brain health.

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