Teen Depression and What Parents Can Do About It

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

In teenage depression, there are many factors that caused the varying moods they have. Since this is a very tough time in psychological and physical development, it is not a wonder why most teenagers have experienced being depressed at varying degrees.

If you are a parent to a depressed teenager, differed things should be considered first before bringing him to a psychologist. Remember that a teenager is very sensitive to these things and may think more than what you want them to think. As a parent, you should know about the most probable cause of your teen's depression; knowing them may be your first step in aiding their recovery.

Common Problems of Depressed Teenagers

• Self-esteem issues. Confidence is a major thing in late adolescence and teenage years. It is a time when your child is discovering his identity with other people and his social role. While discovering these, other factors may hinder this development causing him to lose self-esteem. As a parent, it is a must that you should be as supportive as possible to your children's aspirations and be sensitive enough to know their needs. Remember that communication is a vital thing in every relationship.

• Social Pressure. Pressure may come in different manner and from different sources. As a teenager discovers who he really is and begins to relate with other people, he discovers that building relationships (of any kind) is not as easy as it seems. Having arguments with someone close to him may be a major cause of his depression. Other than that, parental relationships can pressure him as well. The expectations to do better in a certain area is also one of the reasons why teenagers get into this psychological state.

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