by Susan
(San Jose)

I want to thank you for making this mini series available to folks like me. I found the information in the emails to be very helpful and if you spend any time navigating around the site, treasures show up. The biggest treasure is the recommendation to read Andrew Stoll's book the Omega 3 connection. I began taking fish oil immediately after reading the book because I had some at home that I was too lazy or unconvinced to take. Now I realize that my dosage is too small so instead of taking the Nordic Naturals I am going to begin purchasing from Omega Brite. Check them out at Stoll gives evidence of the need for omega 3 and it is not just for us depressed ones, all could benefit because the essential oil has been cut from out diets because big business doesn't like how it acts (easily goes rancid) in food products. I realized that, being a baby who was bottle fed, and coming from a family who ate fish on Good Friday ONLY, I must have an incredibly low I mean NO Omega 3 in my system. Combined with consistent positive habits, I am in remission and plan on staying there.


Thanks Susan for taking the time to share how this website has helped you! Blessings to you!

Merri Ellen :)

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