the big D

by Diane

My story with depression is mostly about the symptoms. I feel slowed down like I would like to take a nap, I do better if I allow a time limit on the nap and do something take a walk do something in the tasking of things. Then also trying something that gives me hope reading something, praying. In time my symptoms lessen and I go through a period of time until they pop back up again. I was in this cycle when I found this site so again I am hopeful that I might be finding something that will help me over a longer period of time. I do admit I know some of the things like excersise and eating better is helpful. I know I need to get so serious about this area of my life - on purpose research and keep connecting in hope of wellness.
I am not on medication for depression/anxiety right now and would really like to try the EMP Power Plus for my symptoms. I like the idea of this group sharing that is something I have not done before.

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