The Emotional Side of Me

by Jessica

1. I spend most of my time with my Grandma, Brother, and middle sister.
MY Grandma is the most positive of the three. My brother is optimistic, super-extrovert and passionate about music, my sister is struggling now- but she's still optimistic. My Grandma gives me hope. The only being that knows me very well is my Grandma and I usually share my most uncomfortable feelings with her, but I am still not able to freely express myself as I would like to about my darker emotions.

2. Continue with my education

3. I bottled up negative energy-it's difficult for me to release it all because sometimes I don't know which or what emotion is triggering my somber mood and why because it may be on a sub-conscious level.

4. -My middle sister cause she is irresponsible with her children
-When I make careless mistakes

5. - My Uncle: psychological and mental suffering
-My sister and her boyfriends family and friends
- When my Grandma hurts for me
- My Mom: I wish I bonded with her and understood her

6. -nature
-when my Grandma acts silly
-loving others in spite of their problems and lifestyle.
- genuine affection

7. -Open myself up to folks
-become more vulnerable
- A greater self-awareness

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