There is hope for those with depression

by Linda
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

I became depressed after I had my first child at 26 (I am now 60) and it lasted for 6 months. I thought I was going mad. I had to take care of my baby but was unable to. Members of my family had to take over for me. My doctor told me I was suffering from post-natal depression and that I would come out of it in approx 3 days and I'd be back to normal. Well, this did not happen. I couldn't get out of bed and I slept so much that eventually I couldn't sleep any more. I was filled horrible anxiety and a fear that I could not explain. At this point, I attempted suicide by taking a bottle of sleeping pills. Luckily, my husband came home from work early and found me unconscious. I lived. The following year, I became depressed again (almost to the day of the first one) and this one lasted for 4 months. With the knowledge that it would not last forever and that I wasn't crazy, I rode it out. Things went well for 6 years and then I had my second child. I became depressed again but fought through it once more. The antidepressants which were prescribed to me did not work and made me even worse. Then to make matters worse, after the last depression, I became manic. I had no understanding of what was happening to me but at least I was happy and euphoric but then after 3 months, I fell into the jaws of the black dog again. This went on and on. At 40, I was finally diagnosed as manic-depressive. I found a wonderful psychiatrist and with time and the proper meds, I was able to live a normal life. She prescribed Paxil for my depression and it worked! Be patient...there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I am living a happy and fruitful life.


Thanks for sharing Linda! :) I'm glad to hear Paxil is helping. As you work through the cause of depression (which sounds like a lack of neuro transmitters which happens due to pregnancy), feel free to learn more about 5htp on our website. After awhile Paxil made me suicidal and I looked into something that could teach my brain how to create it's own serotonin rather than relying on something like Paxil which artificially tried to provide it. Learn more about 5 htp on this website. Type '5 htp' into our search feature. Then if you switch - only switch with your doctor's approval. I have now 'trained my brain' and no longer need any kind of supplement or drug. Feel free to also learn more in our e-course.


Merri Ellen :)

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