There's No Way Out!

by Mericiana Howard
(Kaneohe, Hawaii)

Even tho I have learned to control my depression after 10 years of suffering, I still have days when that voice inside me recognizes the symptoms of profound pain that feels like being stabbed with a knife and knowing there is no way out! I woke up at 5:00 in the morning and realized that I didn't have enough financial funds to assist me thru this dark time. I have severe arthritis and joint pain that won't allow me to hold down any form of work due to my age (71). I just wanted to get thru the day and acknowledged my pain of being in this dense and dark place.

I then remembered my Mother's voice speak thru to me in her heavenly loft saying "just drop it." It seems depression is when we're not allowing our good, our genius to flow thru us. I became a healing artist and to my own discovery, I realized that there are many dimensions of consciousness. When we feel our depression, your emotions are blocked from truly discovering your true self.

When feeling the pain of depression, the first step is taking responsibility for your thoughts and know that it is an illusion that will pass. It is not a death sentence yet even in the darkness of depression, death often seems a relief. I learned to feel my gratitude and giving myself permission to know that out of every experience, there is a lesson to be learned.

May you be blessed by your willingness to speak your truth to others and know that just being in the present time, the clouds will lift and you will again understand the importance of forgiving yourself. Depression hides our greatness, the genius that is inside of all of us. Reach out to others is so very important.

Warm Aloha Blessings,
Mericiana Howard

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