this is great

(wash, dc)

I am soooo elated to have found this site in such a tumultuous time in my life. my clinically depressed husband got so out of hand that I had to ask him to leave. Therefore i found myself depressed because of him leaving (and saying our marriage was over) and depressed because of all the years of dealing with his issues. it has been 10 days, and my self esteem is coming back, i have lost weight, and am starting to feel secure of myself again. so many negative thoughts i had all these years are starting to disappear. I even found myself walking a very secure walk this morning. I am following the e-course and it has been super!! thanks!


Thanks for your comment. I'm so glad I get to share some hope with you! Blessings to you on the journey with your husband's illness. I completely understand your frustration and am so thrilled that you are educating yourself on depression.

Enjoy the e-course!


Merri Ellen

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