Tired and ready to run away

by Mrs. Petry
(New Mexico)

My typical week is waking up about 7:00 am and getting my daughter ready for school Monday through Friday. Thursday through Monday I work a swing shift from 2:30pm- 11:00pm. I get home about 11:30 step outside smoke, wash my face, brush my teeth and off to bed I go. Lately my husband and I have been arguing to the point that we are doing a trial separation. I have been so hurt by him and everyone else that it's hard for me to even get out of this state I am in. My daughter is the only one who is truly bringing me happiness everyday... and that's why I am still here... working, living, and trying to fight this depression. I have a daily bout with anxiety and really erratic thoughts and have even caused some embarrassing moments for my husband in front of his family and mine.

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