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i am 47 years old and raising a grandson who just turned 5. ive had him for the past 3 years. my son has custody, but works out of town most of the time. my husband works alot, so i am his main caretaker.. i have a lot of stress in my life, so i get down and depressed. when this happens, i don't feel like eating, or being around people. i feel kind of lethargic at times, kind of like being in a bubble. it usually goes away at some point in the day, but comes back again the next day. i have been this way for about 3 months now and i had the same sorta thing about 3 years ago. im back on wellbutrin, which i feel really helps. i let things bother me that shouldn't and i also feel that i have sacrificed alot to raise my grandson. im home with him all the time and i feel like i have no life. i love him very much and i will raise him the best i can. its just so hard raising another child, when my 2 sons are grown. i have friends who go out and have a great time. i have the BEST husband ever. he is so understanding with me, but there are times when i feel im neglecting him. i want to get out of this hole!!


Thanks for sharing. I'm 34 and have a 6 and 4 year old and get tired pretty fast. So, I can understand the load you are carrying. You are going through a second motherhood aren't you.

One day you will be rewarded indeed. Please make sure you are getting ample nutrition and sleep and exercise to give you stamina. This young man needs stability and love.

Perhaps there is a kids club at your local church or community centre to once a week give you an evening off at least? Look for creative ways to engage the young boy in the community events and activities for boys his age. If his own dad is not around, he will definitely need his grandfather to be the male mentor in his life.

Look for help in your community- such as grandparenting support or parenting classes. Look up on Google 'grandparents raising grandchildren' and see if you can find online support.

There is hope! Take advantage of the basic e-course we have to help you keep yourself healthy.


Merri Ellen

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