U SENSITIVE? Are you overwhelmed abnormally by both good and bad circumstances?Here's why

by Dennis Teel
(Seagoville Texas)

I'm not suicidal and i'm not a violent person..but i am bipolar and and a HSP --I believe a lot of people are highly sensitive and don't realize it,though they know they're different somehow,,HIghly sensitive people's brains process content around them on much deeper level than the normal person's.thusly general circumstances that occur(both good and bad) overwhelms them.

Ever felt like you seem to feel more compassionate or more emotional about the sundown or the stars or the flowers in the field than any of your friends?or even about something like a setting ,like being out late in the diner seems to accentuate pleasure.. moreso than in your friends? well..being bipolar ..and alone..and often times very lonely even..this was the last ting i needed was to find out i was a HSP

..but..it explained a lot of things about me that i always wondered about.i knew this defined me as soona s i read over the sysmptoms,even though they don't all apply to me,enough of it does,to the degree that i know this HSP things is a huge part of me and why i feel so different and apart from just about everyone i know or have known personally..and i realize now that i was actually always hoping that someone just like me,another HSP would become my sould mate..i just didn't know what i was feeling has a name . here's links and please give a read

https://hsperson.com -- https://highlysensitiverefuge.com/things-highly-sensitive-people-need-happy/ --


now let me add that I don't have every one of those attributes of a HSP..but..heres' the bottom line ..Things overwhelm me that most people just casually overlook as being normal and non emotional circumstances and i get looked at ina acky way if my behavior toward those things is emotional.

i live ina rural city where i hear coyotes in the distance at night,cows,roosters,chickens,etc..everytime i hear these 'sounds' from my front door i become overwhelmed and i stick around outside even longer because it's cool..i love hearing these sounds..the sounds of the coutry(and i'm only 20 miles outside Dallas.I am overwhelmed by the stars in the sky.(i'm not gay as some in the past have considered).i'm bipolar however , and am up nights and sleep days.

I figure maybe this HS aspect is maybe due to my bipolar.i don't know.i get overwhelmed in an emotionally good way by certain things that others just casually perform as being norm and are not extra ordinarily effected by them..(Highly sensitibe people are extra ordinarily effected or overwhelmed by what others would consider normal, every day circumstances

here are a few.

sitting in a diner with coffee.relaxing//it's an overwhelming circumstance that i find so pleasurable that others would think i'm loony..i'm especially overwhelmed by it if it's 2am and there;s a few customers there other than me.i also love it when i'm the only customer in the coffee shop for hours..again it's a pleasurable feeling that i look forward to..i can think of tons of other circumstances..

i love going in to walmart to browse late at night after midnight,especially around 3 and 4am or just before light.i enjoy the 'being there' part of it i think more than the shopping itself..every circumstance that occurs in my life,both negative and positive ,overwhelms me to a huge degree.so naturally the negative things overwhelm with extra an extra feeling of burden..but the good things that are the least bit pleasurable to most are excellent pleasurable to me.those are the circumstances i look foreward to each night.

i'm a night person and sleep days.bipolar on disability.. I learned that people that are not highly sensitive people will not get along with me well,because i am focused on those wanting those sensitive vibes by doing things i find pleasurable,which most people do not..i mean who enjoys sitting in a coffee shop every night from 2am to nearly light,playing on one's tablet or laptop..well..me.i do..

time goes by so fast as i sit there.i talk to the waiter and waitress..most of that time they're on their own tablets until a customer ambles in..being in the diner late at night during the Christmas season..it's enjoyable.i like being out and about at that time of year and later at night the better.i like to wander around walmart during the Christmas season for a while between 2 and 6am,every night..even if i'm not shopping for something in particular.I love to sit on my patio at 2 or 3am and listen to music and eventually i'll hear the coyotes in the distance or the cow from down the road or the roosters crowing(crowing at 3am =jet lag?)

i find these things pleasurable.simple stupid things that so many (especially guys) find boring or not especially pleasaurable..when i walk to dennys or walmart at night i notice the sky,the stars ,the moon and everything about my surroundings in general in a way that i derive pleasure from them..not intentionally.it just happens.

my daily life is one big highly sensitive existence wherein i see and feel things on a magnified level compared to most people ,due to being Highly Sensitive.I have been this way since very young but never realized it had a name until more recently.the only drawback to being a HSP is that negative circumstances are also highly felt and experienced as NEGATIVE feelings which can cause one to panic unnecessarily..If you believe you're a highly sensitive person let me know.

Keep in mind that not all highly sensitive people will have all of the symptoms or attributes you read on those sites..those symptoms are explaining in general every single attribute that is attached to the condition but i figure most HSP don't possess every single one of those traits. i've been diagnosed as bipolar in 1980.I ahve had ew friends in my life because of being a HSP..

Through my life,I searched for people who are like me to become friends with them.but i now realize after reading about HSP why i could not find anyone who thinks and feels as i do.And lately i remain lonely as my mom was admitted in to the nursing home last jabuary.my om and i are bes friends and the NH refuses to let her come home without 24/7 nursing care.I hope sooner than later i can get her home with that arrangement in tact..but..i don't know.

being a HSP when a problem is thrown at me i over react ,get further depressed. no friends..pretty much alone.just me and my dog.my email address (and i hope it's not against policy to leave it here) is DJTEEL@GMX.COM

--Email me if you are bipolar or depressed or disabled and are unemployed or need a friend for any reason.. i'm fresh out of friends and have been for years.One trait of a HSP i think is that yearning and desire for a 'best' friend,not so much for 3 or 4 'good ' friends. I thinkif a person is a HSP then they might possibally have a harder time making friends than most people..

That's just my outlook on it,maybe not someone elses' i guess

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