by sally

I have just been prescribed this and although fought hard to try and manage matters without meds, I started rising with nauseous feeling and had become tearful.
I have been prescribed 75 per day. It says it causes drowiness which I#m confused about as it is a stimulant.

The other option was fluxotine but I was on this a year or so ago and not sure it did anything. My moods are triggered by winter but also housing condition and not sure how I can change either.

Any personal ancedotes about this med would be so helpful.


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Jan 25, 2013
by: Amanda

I've been on Venlafaxine for 16 years. My partner forgot to get my prescription yesterday. Only 24hrs without the drug, has made me suicidal, nauseous, terrified, extremely angry and uncontrollably depressed (also known as crashing). I would not recommend this drug to anyone for long periods. Although, saying this, my situation may be more extreme than others, due to having a son that self harmed from 15 and took drugs from 14. I have zero support too, which obviously exacerbates the situation. I really want people to know what could possibly happen after taking this drug for a long period. Amanda

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